RD Awards showcase

Regulatory Delivery Awards 2017 showcase

Business Support

Winner: Cornwall Council Business Regulatory Support

Highly Commended: City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing Services

Special Mention: Ian Doig – Environmental Health Team Leader Wirral Council Environmental Services

Finalist: Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Superglass Insulation Ltd

Primary Authority

Winner: Tesco Ltd - Quality Standards Team

Highly Commended: Salford City Council

Finalist: Wakefield MDC & Morrisons PA partnership

Better Business for All

Winner: Heart of the South West BBfA

Highly Commended: Kent and Medway BBfA (recognising the contribution of Claire Perry)

One to Watch: Denbighshire Council Planning and Public Protection Department

Social Outcome

Winner: Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
Highly Commended Pria Bhabra, Migration Access Partnership (Leeds City Council)


Cornwall Council Business Regulatory Support

Cornwall Council's Public Protection Service achieved a 16.5% increase in the number of businesses contacting them for regulatory support in 2016. The service attributes the rise to the launch of its Business Regulatory Support service in January 2016, offering businesses a single point of contact for regulatory advice. Following the launch of the new service:

  • 7,233 businesses contacted Public Protection for advice on regulation, compared to 6,209 in 2015.
  • 75% of new food businesses received advice from the Council's regulatory teams, compared to 12% in 2015.
  • 71% of businesses using the service are new enterprises.

City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing Services

Obtaining vehicle and driver licences used to be a lengthy, expensive process - a typical transaction time of 16 weeks.
Wolverhampton launched a mobile responsive online application portal, cutting the typical time between application and grant for licences to just three days.
It removed the requirement that all vehicles be tested at our facility for a fixed fee. Testing is now provided by approved garages.
Fees have been drastically reduced - a private hire licence for a six-year-old vehicle has plummeted from £614 to £225.

Ian Doig, Environmental Health Team Leader Wirral Council Environmental Services

A family run food business highlighted a problem. Chilled products for export were unusable by the time they had been released to their customers as the use-by-dates had been exceeded. Ian agreed a format for export certificates, signed and embossed by the local authority, which meant the consignments received clearance quickly. Systems were developed to allow a quick turnaround from requesting certificates to producing, signing and delivering to the business within 24/48hrs. As a result of its export drive, the company has expanded its business and has gone on to win business awards.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Superglass Insulation Ltd

SEPA's relationship with Superglass helped the firm fix its non-compliance problems, giving it the confidence to invest in new technology and develop innovative products. SEPA supported the company with guidance and advice. In turn, SEPA was fully engaged in the company’s improvement programmes. The relationship allowed them to move 'beyond compliance', culminating in Scotland’s first Sustainable Growth Agreement (SGA), which identifies actions that deliver the joint aspirations of Superglass and SEPA. SGAs are being used by SEPA to help deliver its One Planet Prosperity strategy, enabling businesses to set their own ‘beyond compliance’ targets which will also improve profitability; for example by driving reductions in water, energy and materials use and waste.

Tesco Ltd - Quality Standards Team

Tesco's Supplier Project encourages businesses that supply Tesco to enter into their own PA partnership. For new suppliers, it gives them a taste of working with regulators, with Tesco paying for up to four hours of advice from Hertfordshire Trading Standards. In addition, they can get a business perspective and support from the team at Tesco. The first business that engaged with the scheme has now has its own own partnership. Initially, an introduction to the world of primary authority was included on Tesco's suppliers' network website. It also offered mentoring and the chance to road-test speaking with regulators by using their PA contacts. Recently Tesco have recorded a video for their online supplier network featuring their TS and EH partners and the free advice offer. 

Salford City Council

Salford Trading Standards are known for their 'can do' approach to regulation. Officers fully embrace the City council's values of pride, personal responsibility and passion in all they do to protect the public and support economic growth in Greater Manchester. Salford has been selective in their partner businesses for Primary Authority and has developed strong effective relationships with organisations who share our view that good compliance means good business.

Wakefield MDC & Morrisons PA partnership

The European Commission and the British Standards Institute used a practical example of good Primary Authority work carried out by Wakefield Council & Morrisons in a study looking at better safety regulation throughout the EU with a view to extending the Primary Authority principle across Europe. Wakefield is working with the Food Standards Agency on the Regulating Our Future programme, using National Inspection Strategies as an opportunity to regulate food in a different way. Proactive intervention at some stores will reduce or cease. This will enable reprioritisation of LA resources and help the business save time, money and ultimately grow.

Heart of the South West BBfA

Heart of the South West adopted the BBfA model to support business growth and break down barriers between regulators and businesses. The partnership of 19 county and district authorities and business organisations has achieved the following:

  • Extensive Business Survey
  • Newsletters to businesses/staff/partners
  • Business Mentoring Training to partners
  • Excellent links with LEP and Growth Hub
  • Successful bid for £1m ERDF funding to supply free business support services via our Growth Hub
  • Working towards harmonisation of enforcement policies and export licence pricing

Kent and Medway BBfA (recognising the contribution of Claire Perry)

The partnership has established a website to help businesses find support and trained over 300 regulators to understand the business perspective, and made them aware of the resources available to complement their business advice. It has also developed links with business groups to improve relationships, tackle perceived barriers and support local economic growth. The partnership acknowledges the significant contribution made by Claire Perry; particularly how she participated in the planning and delivery of BBfA training to regulatory officers across the region.

Denbighshire Council Planning and Public Protection Department

Denbighshire County Council has improved its regulatory service to businesses. A greater co-ordination of services has been achieved, as well as a better understanding by regulators of pressures businesses face, along with improved access to advice. The council has changed the perception of its regulatory services, improving relationships and trust. This has been achieved by working closely with businesses and has seen officers save businesses time and money with a simple, single point of access to advice.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

Night shelters set up in church buildings over winter posed a potential danger for the homeless who used them because the sleeping accommodation had inadequate fire arrangements. Fire Protection Officers found a safe solution which met the regulations in a proportionate manner but without imposing a financial burden on the providers.

The key was to find a robust alarm system that conformed to the required standards but which would be easy to fit and relocate from venue to venue as the night shelter locations moved on a monthly rota.

  • 4273 nights off the streets for 139 people, some who suffered from alcohol misuse and poor mental health
  • 66 people had a positive outcome; 29 saw improvements in their mental health; 43 saw improvements in their physical health.

Pria Bhabra, Migration Access Partnership (Leeds City Council)

The Migration Access Partnership (MAP) worked with West Yorkshire FRS Business Support Team to prevent newly arrived migrant groups and individuals from choosing unsuitable, unsafe accommodation, and establishing businesses that were not compliant with fire safety legislation.

  • Translators accompanied fire officers on inspections to overcome the language barrier.
  • Fire officers attended drop in sessions to discuss fire safety earlier in the business life cycle.
  • Fire officers had direct contact with newly arrived communities and collected intelligence on risks
  • WYFRS sign posted start-up businesses to the Leeds LEP Growth Hub who explained the business lifecycle.
  • HMRC talk about registering as a sole trader or creating social enterprises.